Thursday, October 07, 2004

Find-as-you-type in Firefox 1.0PR

I find the behaviour of the "find-as-you-type" dialogue a little bit annoying (FF1PR on Windows).

First scenario:

1. When I type "/" + some letters, find dialogue opens ok

2. After a couple of secs the dialogue dissappears, very often just before the moment I tried to click on it :-(

Second scenario:

1. as above

2. Type "/" and + some letters to make a new search and the slash ends up in the search field :-(


F3 does *not* open the find dialogue again after it has been closed. That means no easy way to highlight all items.

I think this find dialogue needs more polish or maybe even be changed to a more "normal" find dialogue in its own dialogue box.

Ovearall I am very satisfied with FF, have been using it dailysince 0.8.

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